10km Training Log – Week 3

training log

I’ve done some shuffling with my training schedule for my upcoming 10km. I was supposed to run 2, both within 2 weeks of each other, but I will now potentially only be running one. The reasons for this will likely be explained in more detail in a later post, but overall the reasons are; logistical issues, and more time to focus on one race. I’d rather whole-ass one race instead of half-ass two races. (I haven’t decided for sure yet, as I hate losing out on the experience, so we’ll see.)

Because of this mix-up, I no longer have to skip weeks in my training plan, and can properly follow through with my Higdon intermediate 10km plan.

My 5km race only inspired me to train harder in the hope of beating my goals for my 10km in June (which will be on my 21st birthday!). Here is how this week fared, compared with what I had planned on:

Monday, May 7th:

Expected: 5km – Reality: 5.3 km

I tested out my new Garmin on the indoor track. Running apps on my phone never seem to work due to the poor signal, so I usually just count my laps (28 laps = 5km). Today I counted the laps while having my Garmin on, and it was 0.3km off. It told me that I hit 5km with another 2 laps to go, so when I stopped at 28 laps, my watch told me I’d run 5.3km. I stopped recording and ran another few laps just to make up for the difference.

Having my Garmin is also really beneficial in terms of heart rate, daily steps (which is nice to track while working retail), and sleep. After my worrisome heart rate during my race, I’m going to pay close attention to that feature so I can prevent it from getting so high again. Overall, I think it’s going to help me with most of my health goals, as I get competitive with myself very easily. I am loving trying to one-up myself with more steps each day and better sleep each night.

I also tried adding strawberry and cream protein powder to a smoothie. It was disgusting.


Tuesday, May 8th:

Expected: Rest day – Reality: Rest day

I walked 2km because of horrible bus schedules due to construction and had a typical work shift, so I got a decent amount of steps in.


Wednesday, May 9th:

Expected: 9 x 400 at 5km race pace – Reality: 9x400ish at race pace, totaling 3.8km of running (the track at my gym is slightly under 200m, so while I run 2 laps, it falls below 400)

I’ve grown to quickly love interval training. I typically run the 400, and walk another 400 before moving on to the next set. I am working on being able to just slowly jog these recovery periods instead of walking, without hurting my time for the fast laps, and so today I did a warmup lap, and jogged between the first few sets, before walking during the recovery periods for the rest of them.

My average pace for the running portions was 5:20 min/km, which is slower than my previous intervals, though this time reflects a slower warmup lap, and slower jogs between faster laps.


Thursday, May 10th:

Expected: 4-mile run – Reality: 4-mile run

I typically find the 4-mile distance to be the hardest for me to pace, even when comparing it to long distances. My time is usually a lot slower than 3 or 5-mile times. Today I finally had a decent 4 miler! All negative splits and didn’t feel like it was taking too much effort.

FullSizeRender (1).jpg


Friday, May 12th:

Expected: 6 miles – Reality: 6 miles

This was a really tough and amazing run. I found a new running path where it is specifically paved next to the road for runners and bikers, and it also weaves through some really beautiful neighborhoods. I’m not sure how far the total path is, and I spent a lot of time going into side-subdivisions to run by some really fancy houses (the blossoms are out and so the houses look even more beautiful than usual) so I’m excited to keep doing my long runs here until I discover it’s length.

This was also the first run I’ve done without using my phone/Strava to track me, getting feedback in my ears every km. I only used my Garmin, and didn’t connect it to give me alerts. It was freeing in a way, as I wasn’t constantly waiting to hear the “x kilometer” voice, and got to focus more on my running than my distance.

I also used one of my new Nuun tablets for the first time post run. My flipbelt water bottle was delivered, so hopefully, I’ll get to start experimenting with nutrition during my runs as they continue to get longer.


Saturday and Sunday are both planned rest days to spend time working, studying, and spending quality time with friends and loved ones.


Weekly Distance: 25.2 km (a new best!)

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