I “started” running when I was 13 years old. I had just realized that I wanted to lose weight, and running seemed like the most recommended way to do that, according to shows that I watched despite the fact that I probably shouldn’t have, considering how unhealthy they were to the development of my body issues, such as The Biggest Loser and The Last 10 Pounds Bootcamp.  This running consisted of me running down the street, getting tired after a minute or so, and walking back to my house. I always tried to get a little farther down the road, but nothing ever really came of that. Later that year, I lied on a gym registration form about my age and started running on a treadmill. I never hit a mile and spent most of my time with walk-run-walk intervals and switching to the elliptical.

5 years later, I ran my first mile on the treadmill. This was pretty exciting! Though I was proud of a physical accomplishment, I was more proud of the number of calories I could burn from running, and this distance only fueled my weight loss associated with my eating disorder.  All of the running that I did from ages 13-19 were done with bad intent, and I likely will never talk about them on here again.

This moves us to my actual experiences with running for a purpose other than weight loss.

Mid 2017, a friend suggested we do a color run that was coming up at the end of the summer (this would have been around April?). They sounded fun, and the photos that come from them always make people look so much more exciting and cool than anything else they’ve ever posted, so I figured I’d agree. (Does my photo up top make me look like a more exciting person? I don’t know. But it is aesthetically pleasing!) I wasn’t sure if the plan was to run or to walk this thing, but the word “run” in the title made me feel obligated to run the entire thing. The only problem? I couldn’t even run 1km, let alone 5km. I started training, and eventually realized that I liked running more than I ever thought I had the potential to, and decided that I would run with the intent of furthering my distances past one 5km race.

My biggest issue around this time was that I had no idea what I was actually doing, and kept getting injured. Following the color run, I had hurt my foot so badly that I could barely walk, let alone run. Despite a doctor urging me not to, I finished my second 5km race (about 1 minute faster than the last) and hurt myself even more. With no more races that I had paid and signed up for, I took the first half of the winter off. Starting back up on January 1st, 2019, I was in full swing again, with goals of a 10km and the scary idea that I wanted to accomplish a half-marathon.

Now lets see where those goals take me!

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