Race Report! Mississauga Race Weekend’s Hazel 5km

Race information

  • What?  Novo Nordisk® “Hazel” 5KM Run/Walk
  • When? May 5th, 2018
  • How far?5km
  • Where? Mississauga


You can read an in-depth description of my goals here, as well as my training for the race. Basically;

Goal 1: Sub 30 minutes

Goal 2: 28:xx -> Achieved!

Goal 3: 26:xx



  • KM1 – 5:30
  • KM2: 5:42
  • KM3: 5:41
  • KM4: 5:57
  • KM5: 5:56

Overall Chip Time: 28:51.

I ended up being 19/149 in my gender/age division and 87/775 of all women. I secretly hoped that I would be in the top 10 in my division, but I’m content with these numbers.




The race started at 6pm, which is different from what I am used to. I slept in, spent the day lounging around with my roommates and getting ready. I made sure to eat about 20 minutes before leaving the house (about 2 hours before the race).

The wait at the starting line was over an hour, and I found a nice spot by the water and sat by myself for about 30 minutes, before waiting in the line for the port-a-pottys for another 30 minutes. The wait was made better by Stella, the warm-up dog.



It was a beautiful day outside leading up to the race. About 5 minutes before it started, some light rain appeared. Within the first kilometer of the race, it was pouring hard rain. Immediately, puddles were formed. My shoes were soaked and my clothes were weighing me down. It wasn’t the nice light rain that’s refreshing during a run until kilometer 4, and by then, everybody was soaked. There were also A LOT of bugs. By the end of the race, I had at least 10 that were stuck to my face and double that mushed onto my shirt. I swallowed a few, and when trying to spit one out, almost spat on a really nice gentleman who I ended up running the last kilometer with. At the end of the race, he fist-bumped me and thanked me for keeping him going, to which I apologized for spitting on him.

My biggest complaint about this race was the inability for people to stay at the back if they’re going to be walking. As this was promoted as a run/walk, a lot of walkers and slower runners joined, which is wonderful. But half of them refused to listen to the instructions given of “staying at the back if you’re walking or slow”. Within the first 3 minutes, there were people stopping to walk, including those in groups of 3 or more (I was surprised to see so many families running the race together, with many small children). The majority of the race was spent trying to get around others. I think that I exerted the most energy just by speeding up to go around someone, stopping because there was another walker, and so on. At one point, a girl stopped directly in front of me and just stood there, causing me to almost crash into her. I get that most 5kms don’t have labeled corrals based on expected time, but I wish this one did.

This was the first race that I had done with my new Garmin, and I loved it. It was great to look down and see my pace. I don’t think I would have had such even splits, nor would I have made the sub-29 minutes, had it not been for the watch. The only thing that worries me is that my heart rate is listed as being really, really high the entire time. I’m not sure if the water could have caused an error, or if my heart-rate is really that dangerously high, but it’s definitely something to look in to for me.

It was really hard to enjoy parts of this race. The bugs were the worst part, followed by the massive number of walkers at the front, and then the rain. There were very few people cheering, which made sense because of the rain. Running along the lake was the best part scenery wise, as there was a faint rainbow and the water just looked beautiful.





I’m satisfied with my time, considering all of the variables. My average pace was 5:45 min/km, which is much better than my last race at 6:15 min/km. I don’t know when my next 5km will be, but it will likely be in September, where I would really like to hit that 25-minute mark. I’m going to be focusing on my heart rate a lot more and making sure to get more speed work in to get to a point where that’s do-able.


I would definitely run this race again, and I plan on doing the full marathon for this event next year, which is the Sunday of the weekend. There are special prizes for those who participate both days (5km or 10km on Saturday, and a half and full on Sunday), so I’ll likely do that next year. The course is very flat and it was very well organized, especially the expo. I would definitely recommend it to anybody.


Things I learned during this race:

  • Go to the portapotties earlier, and get closer to the front when starting to avoid slower runners and walkers.
  • I am the only one who can stop myself from reaching my goals.
  • Avoid puddles.


My next race will likely be my 10km on June 16th (my birthday!) as I’m considering a DNS for another race I had planned (which I will explain in a post soon when I decide for certain).


Until next time!


6 thoughts on “Race Report! Mississauga Race Weekend’s Hazel 5km

    1. Thank you! And the shirt is from Lululemon! Usually I stay away from their things because of the price, but I got the top on sale and it’s really comfortable (and stylish!) so so worth it!


  1. matt

    Congrats! That’s awesome. You look remarkably not tired for having run a race and in the rain.
    I have had similar frustrations with slow people during the Nielson Challenges I do every month. One in particular was a young kid (6-8 or so) who kept racing to get in front of me and then slowing down to walk. I didn’t, but thought about, asking his parents to instill some race etiquette into their little constipator.


  2. Congratulations on meeting your goal!

    And BOO HISS to those walking people who think it’s fine to clog up the race flow. For sure, it’s a huge energy expenditure to dodge those folks. Another BOO HISS to the bugs, although they’re just doing their bug thing… 🙂


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