Half Marathon Base Building Training Log #2.5

I had a nasty near-foot injury last week after making it 1/4 way through my training week. I debated pushing through but knew that it would only make things harder down the line. So, I got the much-needed rest that my body was asking for, and called the week a write-off.

Let’s take a look at my training for the week!

Day 1 (Monday, November 22nd)

This day was important when it comes to the running schedule for more reasons than just training because I signed up for a race! I signed up for an 8k race that is about a month before my planned half-marathon and will take place in April. This is an event that I ran almost 4 years ago with a time that barely beat my goals, so I am looking forward to redeeming myself. The race also features a race-defining hill near the end that is so hard to tackle that there is a special “Kill the Hill” challenge within the race.

The running plan for this day called for a 40 minute run with a 3-minute walking break in the middle. I used the first 20 minutes to do some incline work on the treadmill after being inspired by my earlier race sign-up and then did the other 20 minutes at a slow pace with the regular incline. Overall, the run was easy enough.

Total daily mileage: 5.16 km / 3.2 miles

Day 2 (Tuesday, November 23rd)

I took a rest day and went to bed at 7:30pm. No regrets.

Day 3 (Wednesday, November 24th)

Wednesdays are my speed days. I decided that I wanted to run a single mile that beats Taylor Swift’s 10-minute All Too Well release. A 10-minute mile isn’t a huge challenge for me, but it is faster than my “slow” training pace and so I wanted to take this mile as a way of evaluating my efforts. If the run was easy, I’ll consider ramping up my speed in future “easy” runs. If it’s hard, I’ll keep going at the slower pace on my other runs.

I ended up running the mile with relative ease and in 9:48. My average heart rate was 170bpm, which is getting close to pushing it, though, so I’ll keep up with the speed workouts every week.

I also did 15 minutes on the elliptical while finishing the new episodes of Hawkeye on Disney+.

Total daily mileage: 1.6 km / 1 mile

Day 4 (Thursday, November 25th)

The run on this day was planned to be a repeat of Monday: A 40 minute run with a 3-minute break in the middle. I ran this one with ease and kept an average heart rate of 162bpm, which I was happy with.

Total daily mileage: 5.05 km / 3.14 miles

Day 5 (Friday, November 26th)

A rest day for me, but not for my cat who had to be taken to the groomer.

Day 6 (Saturday, November 27th)

I had planned this as a rest day from running but crossed my fingers that I would be able to get to the gym for some cross-training. I’ll take the loss on this one, and know that next week I need to be more committed to my cross-training days.

Day 7 (Sunday, November 28th)

The plan for this one, thanks to my 10k training app, was similar to the other two of the week. This time it would be a 40-minute run with a 2-minute walk in the middle. We had our first real snowfall of the year during the entire morning on this day. I debated driving to the gym, but I am trying to make at least one run per week be outside since I know it’s where I gain the most benefits. So, I suited up in layers, including a hat and some gloves, and took off!

I had no issues with the physical running portion of this run. I did have to go quite slowly in some sections, but my average pace was still 7:30/km which isn’t bad considering the snow was slippery and I ran gingerly, afraid of falling. I love these kinds of outdoor runs because I can feel my muscles working harder just to stay upright!

Total daily mileage: 5.36 km / 3.33 miles

Total weekly mileage: 17.17 km / 11.02 miles (compared to 15.03/9.34 from my last full week)

Lessons From The Week

It always feels good to finish off the week knowing that I checked off all of my planned runs. This week is especially fulfilling as I signed up for a race. However, none of my runs felt particularly hard this week. I recognize that I might have chosen a plan that’s a bit too easy to bridge up to that 10k again, and have debated switching over to something a little more challenging. But I only have a few more weeks on the plan before switching to one of Hal Higdon’s HM plans, so I guess I’ll stick with it.

I also need to do better with my cross-training days. If I find the running too easy, why not spice it up with more of a challenge? This is my biggest goal heading into next week (aside from hitting all my runs again!)

Until next time.


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