Half Marathon Base Building Training Log #1

Hiya, folks! Back at it again with an “it’s been a while, let’s start running!” entry. As you may have noticed in my last post, I’m returning to the training game after a years-too-long break.

And as a disclaimer, this is mostly being written as something for me to look back at down the road. If you’re looking for a community of like-minded runners and want to check out how your peers are training, then welcome! If you’re looking for scientific and educational advice or want to negatively compare yourself to someone else, then this isn’t the place for you.

This training log comes after 8-weeks of easing back into running regularly, where I worked my way up to running a 5k for the first time in months. This was to avoid any potential injuries and remind my lungs how to breathe properly. I have run dozens of 5ks and longer in the past, but like I said, it’s been years.

The half marathon that I am training for isn’t until May, and I’ve sectioned my training off into four blocks. This is block #2, and it’s a build-up to being able to run comfortable 10ks.

So, without further ado, here’s week #1 of my second training block.

Day 1 (Monday, November 8th)

The run: My 10k training plan has me going back to basics today to do a light run. The schedule calls for a 5-minute warmup, a 20-minute run, a 3-minute walk, a 5-minute run, and then a 5-minute cooldown. I did this on the treadmill with no problem, running a total of 2.05 miles / 3.3 kilometers (distance excludes amount walked during warm-up/cool-down/3-minute walk.) 5 minutes of this included incline work.

The extra stuff: I went for a 25-minute walk on my lunch break at work to get some steps in, since I had a very sedentary day at work with back-to-back meetings and workshops.

The nutrition: I won’t log all of my meals here, ever, because that’s pretty boring. Still, sometimes yummy meals or healthy snacks deserve to be called out, and today was a good nutrition day. I’ve started eating probiotic yogurt with granola in it as a hearty snack and had this after the gym. Nice!

Daily run total: 2.05 miles / 3.3 kilometers

Day 2 (Tuesday, November 9th)

The run: The rough 10k training plan that I am following does not ask for a speed training day, which is silly, because everyone likes to go fast sometimes. So, I’m putting in my own! I planned for and executed a successful 3km tempo run on this day. I am trying really hard to improve my heart rate during runs, so it’s uplifting to see it recover quickly after slowing down.

The extra stuff: I did some brief cross-training on this day. This included an even more brief upper-body workout, doing 40 reps of a weighted rowing machine. I also did 10 minutes of hill-climbing on an exercise bike.

The nutrition: Nothing too exciting, other than a hot chicken and gravy sandwich that my cat was jealous of.

Daily run total: 1.85 miles / 3.0 kilometers

Day 3 (Wednesday, November 10th)

A rest day, and a busy work day!

Day 4 (Thursday, November 11th)

The original plan was to go for a run after work, but work had other plans and I had to stay late. Oh well, it’s still early enough in the week to do some reshuffling. Two rest days in a row isn’t a bad thing!

Day 5 (Friday, November 12th)

The run: The 10k training plan for today asked for a 23-minute run, a 3-minute walk, and a 5-minute run to top it off. This was done successfully to make for a 3.75 kilometer run, all while listening to Taylor Swift’s re-release of Red.

The extra stuff: What extra stuff?

The nutrition: If you count leftover pizza as nutrition. It’s been a tough week at work, and Little Caesars had my back.

Daily run total: 2.3 miles / 3.75 kilometers

Day 6 (Saturday, November 13th)

Most of my rest days are filled with busy work days where I’m always on my feet. I took this Saturday as a rest day filled with chores, spending time with my cat, and watching movies. I also got to try out a new breakfast restaurant with a friend, and had delicious strawberry and banana pancakes!

Day 7 (Sunday, November 14th)

One of the biggest mindset changes that I am trying to work on during this training round is the difference between motivation and discipline. Realizing that I don’t need to feel motivated to get up and move is something that I’m starting to focus on because the loss of motivation has hurt me in the past. So when it was cold and rainy and I had plans to prepare for, I almost didn’t lace up my sneakers. But then I thought, “This is discipline! Do it!” And I did.

The run: The plan called for a 30-minute run, a 2-minute walk, and then a 5-minute run. But by the time the 30 minutes was almost up, I was so close to hitting 5k that I didn’t want to lose momentum. So, I kept running, and hit 5k without the rest, and kept going until I’d run for the whole 35 minutes of the plan. Not that it was for much longer, anyway.

The extra stuff: An escape room with friends!

The nutrition: I started my day with a strawberry smoothie instead of a coffee (which came later) and I think that it helped fuel my run.

Daily run total: 3.14 miles/ 5.05 kilometers

Weekly Run Total: 9.34 miles / 15.03 kilometers

All in all, I’d consider this a pretty successful week. I hit all of my runs without significant challenges. I also managed to keep at least one of my runs in a lower heart-rate zone, which is a huge goal of mine. I have a hard time keeping my heart rate in Zone 2-3, as it often spikes up to 4-5 at the start of runs. I’ll continue to work on this, even if it means some runs at a snail pace.

I probably should have worked in at least one other cross-training exercise, like an hour-long yoga session. Add it to the list of goals for next week!

See you next time. Happy running, everyone. Let me know if you hit your goals in the comments!

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