Sick, Or Knowing When to Take Time Off

I have my next race in little more than a week. Only a short distance of 5km, but I’m aiming to crush my PR. Today should have been a big week in terms of training, aiming for around 25km. The problem? I have a sinus infection, and even walking up stairs exhausts me. This has been both a really big downer emotionally, and a set-back physically for my training. I have not followed my training plan whatsoever this week and ran today for the first time in 4 days.


I felt awful the entire time. I felt the need to stop and cough, and my lungs yelled at me. I only ran 2km total (1km, walk for 5 minutes, 1km) just to remind myself that I would be fine for next week. Usually, when I feel tired, I am able to motivate myself to continue, but this time I had to force myself not to push it. I’d rather take it easy this week and be well-rested for the days leading up to my race, then to push it and continue being sick.

Despite my physical set back, I ran my fastest Strava recorded 1km (I’ve run faster on a track, counting laps, but Strava cannot track me there because of the poor GPS signal). The exciting feeling was that I didn’t even feel as if I was pushing myself to go this fast. I keep dreaming that maybe I will not only crush my 5km PR but even place in my age group, which seems difficult but not unrealistic looking at the race’s times for last year.

My plans for continuing prepping for this race is to keep this week minimal. I am slowly starting to feel less sick, despite a horrible dry cough, but am going to play it safe. I will likely not post a training log for the week, but another full post detailing my goals for the upcoming race in advance of next Saturday.

If anyone is participating in Mississauga’s Race Weekend, let me know!


Until next time!


3 thoughts on “Sick, Or Knowing When to Take Time Off

  1. Arsenio Franklin

    Whenever I miss a few runs, for whatever reason, I tell myself I’ll be okay. Every run you’ve done matters, not just this race’s training log. I can’t remember where I heard it, but it helps.


  2. Sounds like taking it easy is a good idea and, if you’re healthy for the race, the time off from training might actually help you feel refreshed, almost like a taper. Stay optimistic and hope you’re better soon!


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