10km Training Log – Week 2

training log

Now that I’m not coming right off of a race, I feel like my training block can start properly. Following Higdon’s advice, this is what was recommended for the second week of an intermediate training program for a 10km:

2 3 m run 3.5 m run 8 x 400 5-K pace 4 m run Rest 60 min cross 5 m run

And based on my personal schedule, with exams still going on and a heavy work week, this is what I had originally planned for the week:

(Please note: apparently these summary tables don’t show in the mobile reader section on the WordPress app, so if you see nothing, trust me, there’s supposed to be something there!)

2 3 m run 8 x 500 5-K pace 4 m run 60 min cross + 2km run Rest 5 m run Rest

And how did that go for me? Well…

Monday: I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to squeeze this one in between shifts, but one ended up having to be canceled due to the horrible weather that we’ve been having. This gave me enough time to go to the gym and run a quick 3 miles. On my error, I forgot that the track would be closed (it runs above the basketball court where most exams are held) and so I ended up being stuck on the treadmill. This wouldn’t have been the worst thing, but I didn’t bring my water bottle with me, and I find that I get much more hot and sweaty on a treadmill than on a track/road/trail. About 2.3 miles into the run, I couldn’t take it anymore and had to hop off for a drink at the fountain.  I took about 5 minutes to drink some water and cool down, before hopping back on and finishing that last 0.7 miles. 3 miles = Success.

Tuesday: This was AWESOME. I had never done intervals like this before and was planning on doing it at my planned 5km race pace of around 5:30 min/km, but ended up going an average of 4:50 min/km, causing me to reevaluate my goals for my upcoming 5km.  This is the fastest that I’ve ever run, ever, in my entire life. Like, ever. The track at my university says that it’s “around 200m” but there’s also a sign stating that 1 km = 5.6 laps, so it’s a little off, but I did sets of 2 laps at about 50 seconds per lap, and would then walk one (and then switched to walking two halfway through so that I could drink more water). I completed 16.24 running laps (added the 0.24 so that I could input it as 2.9 on strava, as 16 laps would have been 2.85, and strava won’t let you do that extra 0.05). My goal is obviously to be able to do this without the walking in between, and Hal has be set to do the same routine with an added 400m in two weeks time, so I can re-assess then. I really think Desi’s Boston win on Monday has been motivating me to push myself.

  • Side Note: My entire middle toe-nail on my left foot is bruised. My toe being purple is kind of freaking me out.

Wednesday: Wednesdays are my favorite day of the week, simply because Survivor is on at night. Knowing that a new episode is waiting for me when I finish my run is a good motivator. I completed my 4 miles at a slow and steady pace on the indoor track, with no complaints. I did stop for water (less than a minute stop) and as soon as I started back up again, my legs started screaming at me, and I felt like I was going to fall over, but it went away within another lap or two.

Thursday: Today was one of those days where I really didn’t want to go to the gym. It was the night before my last exam, which I was totally unprepared for, and I was having some issues in my personal life. I knew that I’d regret not going more than going, so off I went, and successfully completed all plans for this day. My cross-training day started with 1 kilometer (finished in 5:42 minutes) and ended with another (finished in 6:21 minutes), with a whole lot of strength training in between, focusing on arms and core. My right calf has been feeling very tight, so I worked out in a pair of my Pro Compression socks (which I definitely recommend- they’re a bit expensive, at around $50 each, but I bought 3 pairs for $60 on sale a few months ago, so keep an eye out for amazing bargains!). I also wore another pair of compression socks (a brand I found on Amazon, I don’t remember the name but I wouldn’t recommend anyway, as after a few wears they lose almost half of their compression power) for the entire evening afterwards, just to throw in a little placebo effect that my calf is getting better.

  • (Check out that water bottle! I usually never bring my own bottle to the gym, and just use the fountain as often as I feel like I need to, but because I’m on a “drink more water” kick, carrying it around with me makes me drink more, which helps with my water goals)

Friday: I finished exams. That’s all the work that I had to put in on this day.

Saturday: I listed my long run as being on Saturday, but circumstances had me change it to Sunday. It wasn’t a huge deal as both days had the same work schedule.

Sunday: Here is where it starts to suck. The weather was amazing, around 15C. Unfortunately, I dressed for the weather that we’ve had all month instead of the way it is and was way too hot for comfort. Instead of doing 5 miles, I did 3.8km, split up into 3 periods of running. I wanted to stop after 1 mile, because of a mix of unfortunate things affecting my running ability (that I hate complaining about because in the end, it’s only my progress being affected), but I really wanted to hit 20km for the week, so I pushed and did the extra distance.

Week 2 Distance: 20 km / 12.4 miles (compared to 15.9 km / 9.9 miles last week = improvement)

Progress on other goalsI’ve been drinking a lot more water than usual and have continued to work on my upper body strenght. Dietary changes are happening more slowly but I continue to try.

Until Next Time!


4 thoughts on “10km Training Log – Week 2

  1. Congrats on following a training plan and sticking to it! Ha I think Desi’s win at Boston inspired so many of us because I know I have definitely been more motivated since then! Also I really need to learn km in relation to miles so I can understand the paces everyone outside the US is running. 🙂


      1. You’re right, I am outside the US! (In Canada!) I’m trying my best to fully understand the conversions for miles-to-kilometers, as everyone seems to use a mix of the two at this point. I usually just think of a mile as a little less than 2 kilometers when I’m trying to do quick calculations. I wish runners could all just universally agree on one or the other!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Same. I’d be fine if the US were to join the rest of the world and use the metric system. So many races we run are already named for kilometers!


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